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The fruits (Pandanus) are made up of 100 to 200 tightly compressed drupes (or seed pods) which change from green to yellow

Pandanus is the name for the large, globular fruit produced by the Screw Pine tree.  At first blush, this tropical shrub/tree looks a lot like a palm but is not, technically speaking.  

when ripe.  When ripe, the drupes/seed pods drop off from the center core of the fruit.  The ripened fruit has a slight sweet and citrus-like scent. Inside each drupe/seed pod are multiple seeds akin in size and shape to pine nuts.  The seeds are wrapped in an extremely tough and fibrous husk.

Pandanus is a much-favored treat for our birds at The Cozy Nestbox.  Our birds, from Caiques up to large Macaws, spend long sessions chewing and chewing the husk of the Pandanus drupe/seed pod.  It is not uncommon for a bird to work for several days on the same drupe/seed pod before successfully extracting the nuts from inside the husk.  It is just that tough and fibrous!

This is a Pandanus drupe/seed pod after an Amazon spent an afternoon chewing it.  This is only about half-way chewed through. It took the bird 2 more days before he successfully chewed the entirety of the husk off and extracted the 4 pine-nut like seeds from inside.

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