Royal Poinciana Seed Pods Info

After blooming, the tree produces flat, bean-like seed pods that are up to 24 inches long and 2 inches wide.  When green, the pods are very tough and leathery.  In the Fall the pods dry down and become wood-like.  Each pod contains many large seeds which parrots find quite tasty.  When the pod dries, the seeds harden and will rattle inside the pod when shaken.

The Royal Poinciana Tree is native to Madagascar but is widely cultivated in South Florida where it may be seen adorning avenues, parks and private homes. It is so beloved in the Miami area that the city holds an annual festival in its honor.

The wild flock of Macaws living in the Miami area have been seen feeding on these seed pods.

We have given these pods to birds as small as Caiques and as large as Macaws with great success.  We have given them green pods mostly as they are so chewy and keep their beaks occupied for lengthy periods of time.

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